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MUSIC: Meet The Scientists of Sound – The Confect Fam

The Confect

TNBT Exclusive Interview with the Confectionery Family

So, TNBT were lucky blessed enough to catch up with the highly skilled Confectionery Family... over yes Video Skype. The [extremely] hardworking guys took time out of their hectic schedule to speak about the ins and outs of the music biz and why secular preaching ticks them off! The sound pioneers dedicated to improving the music and professionalism of artists have worked with the likes of Brewer, Mobo award winners Guvna B and Victizzle, Lola Godheld, Tunday and many more. TNBT think its high time members Ones [TJ], Author [Miles], Green [Jerry], Jo [Jo] and Sasman [Osasu] are given some air time of their own! Expressing dreams of good wives and a grammy in the future Jo, TJ and Sasman speak on behalf of the producers revealing what it takes to make your dream happen....

How did you guys come together?

TJ: We had a rough idea the name just kinda came up after listening to Pharrell's 'Frontin'. I Told Jo and Jerry at the time I want to do a group of producers. They were like yeah lets do this. I spoke to Sasu about it and he said yeah why not. Then I spoke to Miles and we arrived at the idea. Then it kinda just took off...

What makes the Confectionary Fam different from other producers?

Osasu: We all have individual styles. You can go to the Confectionery and you could choose a particular style or particular genre that you feel attributes to you. For example If I liked acoustic I would come to Jo Jo here. If I wanted a Hiphop, drummy type timbaland feel I would go to TJ. If I wanted Jazzy Neo Soul I would go to Miles. If I wanted something totally left wing but relevant I would come to Jerry. I'm more like poppy maistrean.Thats what makes us unique because you can choose and pick a style that you would like.

How did you come up with the name?

Jo: TJ had this idea from very young that he wanted to be in a music production group called Confectionery. The funny thing is we stuck with the name just thinking it meant sweets because thats the common definition for it. A few years down the line a friend actually came to us and said do you know what your name means? Then he googled it for us and it comes from a greek word that means 'confect' meaning 'that which is produced with skill'. That was the confirmation, the seal.

Do you only work with particular people? How do you choose who to work with?

Jo: We look at aspiration. We look at talent, we look at vision. The kind of person they are. We don't just say awww because you're gospel we want to work with you. I feel thats a bit ignorant in a way. But when it comes on a more personal thing its got nothing to do with whether you're Christian or not.

So Secular music is it advisable for Christians to listen to it? What do you think about it?

Osasu: It is all right. If you're gonna abstain from secular [influences] you need to go the whole nine yards; stop watching movies, stop using your computers because a secular person could of made it. Stop going to the cinema, stop using skype, stop using facebook. So you can't just pick and choose. But I do believe you should limit how much secular music you listen to. If you do listen to too much of it you get caught up with the things of this world. One attribute of Secular music is boasting. To boast and see how much you've got, so if you listen to too much of that stuff you could get engulfed in that lifestyle. Thats my opinion.

Jo: In our early stages of growing as a Christian we cut out secular music and it benefited us. We were young born again we got rooted, we were firm in our faith. We didn't need a lot of things to alter our mind set. When we grew out of the whole stop listening to secular music and throw out your cds, we were more mature in terms of picking what we listen to. Theres a fine line between when you set the rules that I think are not so biblical but rather personal to someone.One day someone started preaching don't listen to secular music just because they don't like it. Thats you. Like you do in normal debates you have your for's and you have your against. This is why I think you should, this is why I think you shouldn't, from there let the person make their own decisions. I'd never go on the pulpit and say listen to secular or don't listen to secular music.

Osasu: Preach Christ died, resurrected and rose on the third day thats what you should be preaching.

We actually listen to secular and just like someone who would study science, we study music as well.

You mentioned a few times when you became born again ….

Jo: When we first got born again my aunt had bible studies which we continue and have taken over. She used to preach and it was rubbish to me. I wasn't interested because she was my aunt and out of respect I would turn up and then leave. Obviously now I realize the word of God does have power in it and because she was preaching the word of God it was actually doing something in me without me knowing. One day after getting into a lot of trouble, certain situations caused me to think about about my life on a more serious note. I remember thinking to myself a lot. We were tight friends we used to phone girls together and we got born again together. God used that as an advantage point to bring us all in together. It was kinda like a domino effect after that one fell the rest came tumbling down.

How long have you known each other?

Jo: We call this guy [TJ] the chain because individually from a very very young age he knew all of us. We never knew each other as a collective. He had the vision and introduced all of us but we've known each about 7 years as a collective.

What do u wanna achieve together?

Osasu: Show the heart of the father through revolutionary music, media and fashion through the length of life thats our vision. We believe that Confectionery is something that we are a part of and God employed us. It's more than us and when we die there will be others to replace us.

What does it take to make it?

Jo: Determination, it definitely definitely needs a vision. I so strongly believe that nothing can happen unless you first imagined it. You can't do anything in this world unless you first imagine it.The desire has to be there first. Once the desire and vision is there then you can kind of pull it out of the spiritual realm.

TJ: It also takes a lot of patience. Patience and boldness. You need to be bold enough and patient enough with your vision. Patience is required first of all because thats a characteristic from love. You need to love what your doing ( love is patient). You definitely need to be patient. A journey of 100 miles starts off in one step. You need to be able to have that patience. Its not always gonna go your way. So you need to have that patience and have hope. Dream and just think big. Always have the end product in your mind whatever you do. Fake it to make it!

Jo: I believe just to echo and put a stamp on that it starts in the mindset and your mentality rather than the talent. When we first started making music we went to a few people.We just started off and we got turned away very harshly like slammed the door in our face. But we still stuck at it. We still believed in the dream. When you have the solid foundation that I can do this, when people, situations or circumstances come and knock you, you're gonna stand firm because you already believe and have your mindset. Its the principle of faith man.

X factor has it turned music into a manufactory product of glitz and glam?

TJ: Let me tell you something If you wanna make it you can make it. If you don't wanna make it you won't make it. You have to be hungry. Its a dog eat dog world so you have to build and be on a firm foundation and thats what can take years. I see people that give up, they just want things to happen so fast just because they see it happening in the industry. To stand the test of time you need to have that good foundation. You need to have a strong foundation. Victorian buildings!

What have you guys had to sacrifice?

Osasu: Time with friends and family, going out socially. We're either at home collectively or by ourselves making music. Money because we have to buy all this equipment so we have sacrificed a lot of things. People kind of give up on you when they don't see the dream materialize and a lot of people fall on the way side.

Jo: We've had to sacrifice a lot of friendships. Because some of us are song writers you have to put your life on the line as well and speak what you go through so you kind of sacrifice your personal life. I do that in my songs, not everyone does that. A lot of us are African so a lot of them [parents] want us to get business degrees, become doctors and all these kind of degrees. We sacrifice a lot of support from our parents. Most of them are supporting us now. Half heartedly. There's some big sacrifices. Its definitely worth it though.

Sas: Its definably worth it. We're pursing our dreams!

TNBT are defo backing these guys with grammy and wifey dreams! Be sure to stay in touch with the Confect Fam via:

You Tube



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