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Words: Linda A Smith

His 2009 album launch for Identity attracted 2000 people featuring hits Transformer and Hey. This year Tunday insists he will come back with a bigger and better album launch featuring Presha J in his follow up album, Identity Chapter Two. It's a strong start to the year for the Gospel Rapper and Songwriter ready to take his God given purpose up a notch. Representing his artist Leke whom displays a heart of integrity and worship through his tracks Closer and Air I Breathe, these songs have already generated a healthy buzz online. This along with the launch of the WriteWay Music Team shows a promising year a head for the rising stars.

MEET the gentleman behind a fresh new ministry set to 'proclaim the glory of God' and find out why Leke wouldn't really wanna work with Kirk Franklin...

Awaiting the arrival of Tunday and Leke in a London's Starbucks for the TNBT interview, it was striking that the two young artists travelled a long way, braving the freezing cold snow in the winter. Yet the dedicated and determined two were ready to have their say which always focuses on the will of God for their lives. Together they emphasize that it is God that exalts in due time through humility shown in 1 Peter 5:6, and in fact he already is.

The launch of Writeway Music signifies a team of UK Gospel artists set to impact lives in the 'right way' spelt ('writeway)', not only through music but by living a life of integrity off of the stage too. The members consist of Tunday, Leke, Mobo Award Winner Victizzle, Presha J and Rhema promising to deliver exciting collaborations, features and more videos confirms their Writeway Music Video Introduction. Twitter timelines have taken on the form of adverstising campaigns supporting the Writeway cause. According to Tunday the 'Writeway' of leading people is fundamental through the word of God and living accordingly.

“Sometimes you are the only bible that people read."

"Outside music I really am interested in the influence of young Christians using their talent for God. Myself when I’m doing music I want people to feel it. I always think of the end result in someone’s ipod headphones or within a big audio and what’s it gonna do to them.”

PASSIONATEABOUT PEOPLE Tunday shows he is building up an undeniable character of service this is said to be the perfect quality to lead. A life changing missions trip to India demonstrates his compassion to humanity. Revealing his mature nature and concern for world affairs he paints a very vivid picture of their crisis. “In India there is 250 million poor people, when I say poor I mean poverty-stricken people if you compare over there to a poor person living in London, we have got luxury. These people are naked out on the street and make shelter with newspapers and sticks off the street.” There is no question about his desire to make a positive difference for suffering people as well as in the Kingdom of God. As a dynamic artist Tunday wants to make a distinguishable impact with God at the core of all he does.

For me it's for God to be revealed and interpreted in a different way .”

But despite the horrific conditions he witnessed visitng the Indian slums, Tunday is not one to dwell on the negative but lights up when he speaks of his achievements. We went there we ministered Christ to them we had interpretators, we saw miracles that took place. Miracles with my own eyes. The first time I've not seen a miracle on TV. Its amazing I got to witness some Christian schools starting up there. 700 children were saying the Lords prayer all at the same time. I just really love it.” Showing the colours of an philanthropist Tunday also works as a youth leader and acts like big brotherly figure over 20-year-old Leke who is also a youth leader.


Leke possesses an animated personality and infectious laughter you'd imagine your younger brother would have. You can detect the passion he has when speaking of his music profession to service God. He pauses and chooses his words carefully before he speaks “I want God to be glorified...I want people to see through our lyrics, non believing people who don't confess to be Christians or even those that do, to really get an understanding of who Jesus is how much he loves them. How much he desires to live inside of them and at the same time that he is coming back. it's all well and good to make them believe but if they believe and don't know he's coming back they won't have something to work for.

I definitely want people to see that, I definitely want people to see that he is king and that he reigns.”

“No matter how much fun that you have now the world is passing and the only thing that will remain is God and his word.” Spoken like the words of a true minister its this attitude that illustrate's Leke has an enrichment with the biblical word apparent in his musical gift that brand his music so well.

You have to be prepared in giving people what they want but still you know what you stand for and who you are. Tunday is also keen to express his own ideals through his music despite the contrary that mainstream music can display :“We write our own music from life experiences and the hope that's needed. I want my desires to be Gods so it would be empathy.

Leke agrees that God is the foundation of their music and seeks to sustain this for the benefit of all souls:“ I gain inspiration by a revelation. I get really influenced and excited knowing that once I've written this a non-Christian can read it understand it and get to know a little bit about Jesus than they knew before.” The ability to relate to diverse people is something Tunday feels strongly about “What I have seen within the past couple of years in the UK scene is that it's a circle.

"I think there are rappers that have so much content if you're not going to bible school you wouldn't understand them”

So the key for the two is striking a healthy balance. His answer to reaching out to people is by example “it isn't just music for me it's about life off the stage. People will meet your character first at times.”


For others that want to get a head start in music Tunday suggests: "Compare yourself with the greatest. Be patient don’t go beyond your boundaries. If you don’t feel prepared then get advice from someone who is doing it as well. Do research about the craft as well. Really really sharpen your gift with as much time as possible.” Leke reinforces this idea “know why you are doing it. Someone that wants to pursue a career should be prepared to sacrifice, be relentless there’s always forces that want to hold you back.”

Defining success, Leke simply says: “Being able to do music full-time”. Tunday aligns it to his life purpose: “I define success by achieving why I am here. It can be many little things that you have done along the way but my ultimate one is achieving why I am here on the earth. For me achieving a target with excellence.”

DREAM COLLABORATIONS Tunday reveals the people who he would love to work with would be King David, and Darlene Zschech. Not an obvious choice one would expect but Tunday is quick to point out “ those two I’d consider them even in the secular world as well because people will think I’m being bare 'Christiany'. I consider them amongst the greats like Whitney Houston. King David is a fantastic writer he writes from the soul. There was no industry that he’s thinking inside his mind he was doing it for God.”

For Leke he says: “If you ask me a while ago I’d just say an artist with a whole bunch of talent but beyond the talent without the spiritual aspect its nothing. Someone I’d love to work with is Jesus Culture because of the spontaneity in worship likewise Cory Asbury .

The obvious one is Kirk Franklin but more so Corey Asbury, and Jesus Culture.Re-considering his answers Leke jokingly says 'Scrap Kirk Franklin forget him' erupting into his contagious laughter. Explaining himself on a serious note he says

“I wouldn’t wanna work with Kirk Franklin because the foundation of the others is the spirit of God and I feel there’s a level of conformity that is unsafe for me."

"I think there is a sense of imbalance and more of a driving force of the commercial side.”

So with this in mind in what way will Writeway Music distinguish itself as a unique Christian organisation avoiding conformity? “Being able to set yourself a target with integrity". This is what counts for Leke through and through; sticking to your word.People can achieve what they desire to but following the principle they had from the beginning alot of people say 'God if you get me into this position I will serve you' but as soon as they see the road is clear for them to go right to the end, they let him go.”

Tundays sums up Writeway Music as 'a powerful driving force.' "A squad full of people that are distinct from each other but are a team. We've all got influence or a pathway musically etc." Tunday presses the thing that makes the team special is 'what they do in and out of music' ."We are all a team doing the same thing and we will be coming out strong."

... TNBT believes they sure have! Be to check them out Writeway Music:


Writeway Music Youtube


Leke Youtube



Tunday Facebook Page

Special Thanks to the Photography courtesy of Starlight Imagery





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