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News: A Soldier for Christ Introducing the King one.com at a time


After having a bit of a nose around www.lyricalsoldier.com we are certified FANS of  the Lyrical Soldier website. Not only does the site look great but we were delighted to be greeted by a soulful welcome theme tune and of course his latest tweets!

Born Michael Agyei, the talented preacher, singer, rapper and spoken word poet features three fabulous videos which depict his innovative Gospel style.

Take a look under the video section where you can view the Video Promo for Introduce Me Part 1. The inspiring video is a poetic piece displaying Lyrical Soldiers narrative journey through London's hot spots. What hits home is his conscious illustration to outline the unforgettable duty we as Christians have.

It's clear that  Lyrical Soldier carries a consistent message through all his work to introduce the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to the world. His thought-provoking promo is a timeless instrument highlighting how important it is to demonstrate the love of Christ to our neighbours. Just like in Mark 16:15 which defines our responsibility as Christians where it is written:

"And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."

In this case the power of an introduction to Jesus is what Lyrical Soldiers video captures through his creative and imaginative vision. Lyrical Soldier flips the script in Part 2 of the promo, a faster pace with an upbeat flow backed up by stylish choreography moves make great entertainment with the word of  God still at the chore of his work. You can also catch him vibing the crowd live in the third of his Performance at Soul Survivors.

If you're late and not familiar with his music you can hear tracks like Close to You expressing a desire to have a closer relationship with God as well as Introduce Me the Remix for all the Funky Heads! So with all these online goodies, if you haven't already checked out the site we recommend you get fully acquainted with it pronto! We sure have and will be featuring a full length interview with the artist soon.  For the latest updates on him be sure to sign up to the mailing list, twitter and all other connections via youtube , facebook and myspace to be blessed by the Soldier's ministry we have. Chek out the videos below:


Part 2


Stay Connected with Lyrical Solder

Main site: www.lyricalsoldier.com

Twitter: @Lyrical_Solder

Facebook: Lyrical Soldier Fan Page

Live Show: Premier Events Presents Lyrical Soldier July 23rd at Regent Hall





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