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Divine Impact of Sky BoyRecords

MEET DIVINE IMPACT MUSIC a collective of anointed musicians and vocalists who are on a mission to bring people closer to God through their music. A big assignment you might think but with God All thing are possible and Divine Impact Music make it clear that they are certainly with God in both their lyrics and sound. So what do Divine Impact sound like? Read on to find out, watch their promo video and download some of their uplifting music >>>

Signed to SkyBoy Records, the group which formed in 2008 are going from strength to strength to date; declaring the word, testimonies and glorifying the Lord in their music. You can get a taster of their ministry by checking out the promo video below.


There are four tracks available for download, each diverse in their own right but all filled with the ultimate gospel of Jesus Christ at the heart of them.

I Need You is a beautiful opening praise & worship song also featured on the promo video, which captures the desire to usher in the strength of God in times of weakness. A guest appearance from JWilliams makes a strong pick me up track inVictorious reminding us that Jesus is our hero, we are overcomers, and of course more than conquerors through Christ which strengthens us. Backing their beats with scriptures makes the music of Divine Impact even more edifying by quoting the power of the blood of Jesus in Revelation 12:11.

Temptation Flee Ting also uses scripture and speaks of the benefits of living a spiritual life outlined in Galations 6.

Jay Dolph, A Star and Tru2DaName effectively tackle bold issues of temptation, the flesh and fighting sin in the upbeat song which has an undeniable skanking vibe! The powerful track really stands outs because of its controversial themes but has a well needed message which makes you listen to every word. Divine Impact are sure to achieve the purpose of their name and stand for a movement ready to glorify God in their work. TNBT are looking forward to hearing more of what Divine Impact has in store for the year a head and we'll be playing these tunes on repeat for the mean time. Enjoy!

Download Divine Impact UK for FREE >>> DIVINE IMPACT MUSIC

Stay connected to Divine Impact via twitter @DivineImpactUK and their website www.divineimpactmusic.com



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