Lecrae Rehab

Lecrae drops the video for the single "Just Like You" taken from his album Rehab. Click more to watch the video which  takes you on a journey...

of the male role within society, comparing it to a strong desire to measure up with the example of Jesus Christ. Lecrae represents a struggle from the male perspective living in the world of troubles that only Christ can answer.

The video plays like a mini-film visually highlighting issues of crime, fatherhood, materialism and other themes that are contrary to kingdom living. Lecrae's lyrics go hand in hand with the video, as he is able to illustrate these important issues and maintain the vibe of the song. Our favourite lines of the track are:

"I was created by God but I ain't wanna be like Him...I wanna be Him"

"But then in steps Jesus, All men were created to lead but we needed somebody to lead us More than a teacher"

"But give life, love a wife like He loved the Church"

The end of the video has great impact with the pace of the drums really building up the suspense. We hope the video accomplishes what it sets out to do and that after watching it we are all encouraged to be like Jesus. Enjoy.


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