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Gospel meets Grime for the compilation album Next Ting 140. Think back to the days of Sidewinder, old school garage and up tempo urban beats...

but in this case it unifies a group of Christian artists to their showcase talent. What started off as a series of live events is now launching into a new genre of music for Christianity.

This is Guvna B's second project of the year following the successful Scrapbook mixtape which was downloaded a whopping *25,000 times!

The documentary explains how the era of garage and grime influenced the project as many of the emcees featured on the album grew up to the eski beats of UK Urban artist such as Wiley, and the sounds of South London's So Solid Crew.

The fast paced music is recorded at 140 beats per minute and Guvna explains his desire to be relevant in reaching out to the London youth whilst spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

There may be mixed views on promoting the Gospel using  a more 'worldy sound' addressed in the documentary. But there's also the commercial side to consider that is not accustomed to hearing the word of God, over music conventionally produced for skanking to 'not so positive themes'. Jay Dolph however expresses his life in Christ is to glorify Jesus in all he does and the project is part  of this vision. So if the message is clear should the medium really matter?

The Next Ting 140 Album is released on August 17th.


To get a taster of the Next Ting 140 album  Check out the Let's Go Music Video here


For more info:

Facebook: Next Ting 140

Twitter: @NextTing140

Youtube: Next Ting 140

Guvna B's Facebook




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