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Sonnie Badu


You may know multi-talented Worship Leader Sonnie Badu as the hit singer behind 'Covenant Keeping God' but the award winning Gospel Musician took a break from the stage as he teamed up with Compassion to spread awareness about the organistation's life changing charity projects. Click more to watch the documentary of the trip.

Compassion is an international Christian child development and child advocacy ministry dedicated to spiritual, economic, social and physical development of children living in extreme poverty. Covering 26 countries, Compassion runs church projects which enable children to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults. Sonnie's mini documentry takes you on a tour around the Adonai Chapel Child Development Centre in his homeland Ghana.

As a UK Ambassader for Compassion, Sonnie explains the benefits of sponsoring the children giving them activities to develop their life skills, access to healthy food and drawing out their creative abilities. He says:

"They sit in the class rooms and they are served food. This is Jesus's Love, compassion, showing the kids so much love and I was so impressed...We need to jump on board and help them you never know how far it will go."


The moving video is an example of the great works that the body of Christ can achieve to make a positive impact within the community in the name of Jesus. Its very inspiring to see that outside of his music Sonnie Badu is commited to making a difference to better the lives of children.


Check out the video



To find out more about Compassion and to Sponsor a Child:

Main Site: www.compassionuk.org

Facebook: Compassion International

Twitter: @Compassion


Stay connected with Sonnie Badu

Mainsite: www.sonniebadu.co.uk

Twitter: @SonnieBadu1

Facebook: Sonnie Badu



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