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Jay Dolph A New Chapter


The moment we've been waiting for...Jay Dolph's mixtape A New Chapter is out today under Skyboy Records. The album has a crop of some the finest talent from UK Gospel including features from Mobo winners Guvna B and Jahaziel, as well as Triple O, J Williams, and Tru 2 Da Name and many more.


Launching his first solo project, Rapper Jay Dolphin otherwise known as Jason Dolphin tells TNBT that A New Chapter 'offers something that everybody can enjoy'. The album proposes to give people an insight into his life and all that the Lord has done and is currently doing. With a heart to reach the lost Jay sees his music as a tool in the hands of God.

The full track listing is below.


Watch the documentry about the project that has been in progress for over a year, along with the download link, Jay's Bio and the full track listing below

Jay's Story

Raised in a Christian family Jay Dolph's Christian journey is almost parallel to the story of the prodigal son as his teenage years and peer pressure led him away from the church. Always having a passion for music Jay Dolph went on to produce funky house hits such as Swine Flu Skank and the positive message track Don't Shank Just Skank. The exposure of these tracks in turn would give Jaydolph tremendous credibility as a secular artist but a series of bad decision making created an outcome of chaotic affairs in Jay’s life. However God has a purpose for everything as he works all things together for good to those that love him (Romans 8:28). In the summer of 2009, Jay responded to the call to salvation. This awakened a new found driving force within him with a God-filled destiny in store.

Now equipped with the same heart for music but a greater passion for Christ Jay Dolph states:

It’s been a hard yet worthwhile walk with Christ...I see my music as a tool, to reach out to the lost"

Jay Dolph's Christ inspired tracks have already circulated the net prior to A New Chapters arrival including Faith Power Love featuring Guvna B which boldly declares the newness of life in Christ.  A signature of Jay Dolph's music is that he doesn't beat around the bush when it comes to his Christian faith and he make no apologies about the frankness in his lyrics. As part of Divine Impacts' free downloads earlier this year the track Temptation Flee Ting with A Star and Tru 2 Da Name addresses living in the spirit and fleeing the desires of the flesh. The song proved so popular it inspired a more recent female version which was remixed by Tope Bello, S Star & Promise. Not only occupied with his own projects Jay Dolph has featured in Let's Go as part of the Next Ting 140 Gospel Grime Compilation Album due for release on August 17th.

Judging by the unity of talent to produce A New Chapter, the powerful title and picturesque album cover will only add to Jay Dolph's portfolio of quality he has already contributed as a Gospel artist.

As this article is published we are yet to hear the full album but are confident it's been worth the wait.

Check out the Documentary Snippet below

The Free mixtape is available for download 12pm at www.Jaydolphmusic.com

Stay Connected to Jay Dolph via:

Facebook Fanpage: JayDolph

Twitter: @JayDolph

Mainsite: www.Jaydolphmusic.com



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