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Check out this new music video Popular from Dewy Sinatra, taken from his mixtape titled Hello Hi There. The video is directed by Geeboye who has also made a series of music videos for Gospel artists including Franklyn Addo The Fireburns,  and So Appalled as well as Utter Once Praise You. Dewy has produced a witty track with Popular that takes a shot at commercial music for not acknowledging Christ but at the same time professes a purposeful mission to take the Gospel mainstream. Find out below about his music and get the download link for the mixtape.



Hello Hi There, is an introduction to the bubbly rapper and his fresh new sound. Born Andrew Amoah, the name Dewy derives from a nickname accquired at University and a new found passion for Frank Sinatra music. Dedicated to polishing his craft Dewy diligently worked hard to complete his album by locking himself away in his bedroom.

 " my music is very honest and open, and really I wanted to express the joy that comes from knowing God and my experiences as a Christian, and I used to think God was like a boring old guy in the sky, but when I got to know him, I realised that was a lie [laughs]. I really wanna share what I discovered."    

Music has always been on the radar for Dewy but it was after accepting Christ in his first year as a student his life changed for the better and he went on to become a pastor at his church. A new mindset for the Lord made him concentrate on making good quality music that reflected his faith. The rapper has a fun, quirky unique sound which he reveals to TNBT he was a bit nervous about putting out.

"I wasn't  trying to meet any expectations or follow any trends, I kinda just locked myself away and made the music I enjoyed and really followed my heart and said what I felt God was telling me to say, rather than what I thought people wanted to hear..."

With the spirit of determination Dewy was able to complete his album which is now available for free download. A full TNBT interview with Dewy is on the way so hold tight. Until then support the emerging artists' discovery in Christ and get downloading. Enjoy!



DOWNLOAD LINK:  >>>Hello Hi There mixtape<<<

Stay connected to Dewy Sinatra:

Mainsite:  www.dewysinatra.com

Facebook Fan Page: Dewy Sinatra

Twitter: @DewySinatra





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