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Mobo Award Winner Guvna B has released the official video for his heart felt track Hometown Riots. Condemning the acts of violence London has witnessed, Guvna B's video directed by Geeboy expresses a common desire to fight back with love and peace. To say the least it has been a very overwhelming time for Londoners and all of the UK for that matter but the song provides some well needed hope for change and unity.

The shocking disruption of riots that have swept through the UK was sparked by the death of Mark Duggan when he was shot by Police in Tottenham on Thursday 4th of August.

What began as a protest in Tottenham on Saturday 6th August soon turned ugly, resulting in arson attacks on shops, looting and destroying of police cars.

The 'copy cat' violence began to take place up and down the country and have left many afraid to to leave their homes, unsure of the next town or city to be targeted.

The last week has seen businesses cleared out of their goods, shops and sadly even some homes being burned.

Not only the destruction of properties but 3 men Haroon Jahan, 21, Shazad Hussain, 30, and Mustafa Hussain, 31, have lost their lives when they tried to protect their homes in Birmingham from the rioters.

In the troubling time for the British community the Gospel artist has made it clear that the violence needs to stop and we should unite, pray and pursue God.

The positive message is a well needed cry out for the public to pursue the peace as shown in Christianity and at the same time reach out to young people to stop the rioting.

Guvna B has a history of creating socially conscious music that encourages and reaches out to the youth. His debut album Narrow Road included the track Put it Down urging youngsters to stop the knife crime and gang life. His most recent mixtape Scrapbook tells the story of his friend in the track Kofi where Guvna advises him to leave the street life but looses him to the same streets.

Impressed with the strong principal the artist stands for, Channel 4 ran an inspirational piece on him where Guvna reveals:

"The way I can contribute, is communicate with the youth. I really don't think the people we see on the news are people that the youth can relate to. They are not listening to the politicians, to the commentators, so I hope they will listen to this."

With Guvna B's music becoming an influential platform he has the ability to identify with a younger generation that lack hope, a lot more than the out of touch politicians. He argues:

"We need positive role models, positive people on television, telling young kids they can do something great with their lives."

This shows that Christian principals can have a voice to influence politics. Its our prayer this video encourages people to pray for that peace the UK needs and we wish Guvna all the best in being that positive role model young people desperately need.


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*All quotes are sourced from Channel 4



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