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Meet Jessica Seri, the ambitious 20 year old who is the brainchild and  founder of Chosen Generation Ministries (CGM). Heading up a dedicated team of 5, Jessica is full of enthusiasm as she talks about her future dreams. "CGM Ministries is an Evangelism movement, we spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through different ways one being music, and also through blogging on our website. We write articles every two weeks to encourage people and we also have a prayer section as well. "Possessing both beauty and brains Jessica balances her schedule between ministry work and completing a degree in Economics and French. Earlier this year she released her first single  'Set Apart' in February which was produced by U.K Gospel artist Junior Williams. As a young woman of many talents the singer and song writer is now set to release her debut musical project entitled ‘Salt and Light’ available on the 20th of December.


Read on to learn more about her anticipated music release Salt and Light’  and what inspires Jessica's entrepreneurial spirit.

It was certainly a privilege for TNBT to catch up with Jessica over a Costa Coffee. The fast-talking, God fearing sister is full of passion  and excitement as she speaks about about her ministry. "Five years from now I’d love for people to look back and say 'this ministry has changed me'. What I mean by that change is for people to learn more about Jesus through this ministry." Jessica is a committed artist and leader ready to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Her strong willed spirit is clear when she says: "Understand that not everyone is going to understand what your about, or what this is, but I’m gonna have to go forward with it. Even if I have to go alone that’s the hardest thing."

In her presence you can't help but feel edified from her strong words of encouragement. She advises "Get into the word and prayer. If you know the word and the promises of God no one can tell you anything. Sometimes you’d be surprised by how many people are supposed to be there for you and and help you out. Then those are the same people that literally end up not believing in you. But if you know the word for yourself  and what it says about you, you will know that what Gods says will happen."


As Jessica delights herself in the works of the Lord it appear the promises of the word are manifesting in her life. Its no wonder, that she is eager for the world to know about the saving power of Jesus Christ. As a minister leader Jessica is like the big sister you can turn to for counsel and guidance. It is evident the word has a powerful influence in every aspect of her daily life and she wants this same blessing to be available to everyone. Along with her big heart, Jessica has big dreams for CGM and it is apparent nothing will get in the way of this. Over next few years she has set her mind on publishing two books, doing more conferences and releasing an album. This may appear to be a tall order but the hardworking minister has has now completed her musical project which was in production at the time of interview.

Now set for release in ten days time The Salt and Light project is definitely something to look forward to. The EP is made up of 8 very unique tracks of varied genres. Expect an eclectic sound, a raw mixture of modern Soul, Ballads, R&B, with a twist of Jazz and hints of Rock! The EP includes the intro song in the promo video as well as a Christian interpretation of Jill Scott's love song He Loves me and an edgy remix of  Jessica's song Like David.

The Promo video for the Salt and Light EP is fresh, fun and girly. Jessica strolls through the train station playfully mimicking instruments and harmonising 'Set Apart CGM'. Not only does the video reflect Jessica's bubbly personality but it also symbolizes  the multiple roles that she evidently plays in her life. As the voice over of the train announcer she expresses a message about the goodness and hope available in God.

She says: "To keep a sound mind and avoid double-mindness which will cause delays to your journey  we advise all travellers to keep their eyes on Christ."

The witty feature speaks volumes about the creativity of the CGM team and the commitment to acknowledging Christ in all areas of their works. Jessica is adamant that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the core of all her work. She says " I want the ministry to be very effective. I want it to be what God expects it to be. I want people to be able to relate to it. Its more than just music or 'we like what we’re hearing'. We want people to feel like they are actually gaining something from it. "


Ending the year with the Salt and Light EP is sure to be a hightlight for Jessica, although she doesn't undermine the challenges that come with pursuing her God given purpose.

"The hardest thing is that not everyone is gonna get the vision the way you get it and the way God gave it to you. A lot of people don’t know what God has given you or what you have in mind. Sometimes you want to do certain stuff but not everyone is going to be on board with you. It gets a bit frustrating but if God is for you who can be against you?"

What is particularly refreshing about Jessica is her motto of not giving up despite the odds that may comes her way. Her faith in Christ is her weapon to accomplish all things through him which strengthen her.

Next year Jessica is looking at expanding CGM through a launch event. "The aim of it is to establish ourselves as a ministry. We've been out for over 5 months now and its all online. So we thought why not show the music side as well gather other artists and create a form of worship. Invite as many people as we can, go out and evangelize, and  give tickets to people that don’t know the gospel. "

As well as reaching out to evangelize Jessica acknowledges that existing Christians should not neglect their relationship with God due to works: "Especially as Christian artists, we need to understand even if our gift goes tomorrow is our relationship with God still gonna be the same? I would like to think that even If  God told me to stop this music side it would go and I wouldn't even cry. Its good to have good music and everything but after that where is the relationship? If we’re gonna spend so many hours in music we should do the same reading our bible."

Jessica has a lot to look forward to and the Salt and Light EP is sure to be a hit from the sample that we've heard. There is one message  she wants people to hear loud and clear "I just want to emphasize music is an aspect of CGM its not everything. After the music stops there are still people that need to hear Jesus is Lord."

*‘Salt and Light’ is scheduled to be released on the 20th of December 2011. It will be available in two formats; digital and hard copy.


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