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Click More to watch the anticipated new video for Internal Bleeding from Franklyn Addo.
Franklyn Addo Internal Bleeding

Internal Bleeding is the brand new video release taken from Franklyn Addo's mixtape Just Being Frank. The emotive track features Lola Godheld's airy vocals and deals with heavy themes of internalized pain as well as a desire for healing and restoration.The video shot and edited by Geeboye, revolves around Franklyn's alienated struggle as he proclaims his prayer-like pleas.

Franklyn's lyrics develop a thought provoking and bold narrative. The multi-layered chorus of both Franklyn and Lola Godheld build a strong echo effect of deep suffering from an inner voice.

Internal Bleeding is a striking and enagaing piece that honestly explores the failures and victories that life can bring. Its comes as no surprise that the song is already being heralded as one of Franklyn's most critically acclaimed songs to date. The determination to persevere despite the haunting of troubles is an undeniable highlight of the song:

I'd rather be taken out than give in,
I stand out I ain't tryna fit in.
I have to get made redundant I ain't quitting,
Even if I get taken under I'm swimming.
I'm internally bleeding now
And I will be for a long time.
An although I am feeling down,
Do not think I will not rise.

Internal Bleeding is an enriched track of ambiguous imagery and symbolic meanings. The high concept release is accompanied by a staggering piece of artwork courtesy of Taurean Roye, the founder of Last Night In Paris (Franklyn's creative collective).

This track is a firm favourite at TNBT. Check the video out below.




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