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An admirable narrative presentation from Faith D documenting his development as a young man in Christ and finding his true identity in his faith.

Christian recording artist Faith D invites us to get to know him on a deeper level in this mini documentary  Who is Faith D?  The Gospel rapper and songwriter also known as David Kiaku courageously opens up and shares his previous life experiences, finding Christ and why he took time off from the music industry.  Marking his return, Faith D is refreshed and armed with a new confirmed purpose as well as an exciting album project called Unwired.

Accustomed to taking the stage, the natural performer's heartwarming testimony takes us on a journey of his challenges of becoming a Christian. Faith D honestly recalls going to church but not having a genuine relationship with God for himself. He would also prioritize chilling with the youth over listening to church service preachings. Now matured in his Christianity he testifies of being saved for six years after an encounter with Jesus that transformed his heart and life for the better. Prayer and meditation on the word increased his faith and ordered his steps to pursue holiness as well as his music passions.

The inspirational video is an encouraging reminder demonstrating that all things are possible with God and that the word is certainly a reviver. Faith D's poetic-like ministration highlights that being a Christian is not just about a Sunday service but forming a personal relationship with God. The artist's self discovery and new outlook on life  is set to be a blessing to many people as we @ TNBT have most definitely been blessed.

Be Encouraged.


*Update: You can now download Faith D's new single Stop It for Free Download here

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