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Faith D Main Stream

UK artist Faith D is taking the initiative to broaden his audience and deliver the word inspired message with the snippet release of Main Stream. The UK artist is also set to perform at the Breakin Out Festival alongside some of the UK's biggest names in Urban music including Tinchy Stryder, Chipmunk, Skepta and more. Check out the teaser of the song which will be on the forthcoming EP out soon...





Update from Faith D:


I just want to first of all thank #TEAMFD, the bloggers, reviewers and all the media outlet who have been supporting my music over the years.


The response this year has been incredible. I've never received so much support and because of this, it pushes me even more to work harder and make good music.


I've been doing music ministry as a whole for 6years, and has I've grown more in Christ the vision that God has given to me originally has not changed but rather it has expanded my ministry even more. At first it was hard to understand this expansion but people were always telling me that my music encourages and uplifts them.


From October 2011 to February 2012 I took time out, to understand why the Lord was taking me to this new phase of music ministry, as my territory and audience had now increased. This required me to spend more time with my local church, praying and reading scripture.


However, God wanted me to understand since my territory had now increased I would now have a bigger responsibility to undertake. The mission is to make "Disciples of men" and not superstars, so my question was "what happens when I come off stage? Is there an institution or program where me and my team can disciple, train and mentor these people who are interested in my music"?


Matthew 28: 18 -19: "I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth. Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and the son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these NEW disciples to obey all the commands I have given you".


What I see today is a lot of "Young Christian Rappers" who have a lot of zeal and energy with the aim of going mainstream, but with no purpose, direction, vision, accountability and biblical understanding of what it means to be fishers of men.


And because of this the mission is not properly acted out. Instead of praying and reading what the word says we should be doing, we tend to follow everyone because it "looks right". This is not a diss to anyone but an exhortation for us Christians or Christian artists to understand the mission.


Already people may not be saying this but I know there thinking if I've gone secular because of the type of music I'm currently producing or the type of platform I am now on. Since when did God give us a law that we are not allowed to be creative and push musical boundaries, without losing the vision. Why does the world have to have the best beats and the best music videos while we limit ourselves to just having the crumbles. We are supposed to serve our Lord with all our heart and with excellence.


So I will continue to make good music at a high standard because I love the Lord.


Our mission and my mission is to bring the good news primarily to the Lost. Jesus said "Go ye into the world and preach the good news" (Mark 16: 15-16).


Where the Lord is taking me at the moment is places that people wouldn’t dare to go into.


What I would say from the little experience I have is never rush into ministry or wanting to perform. I understand you have a passion for Jesus and that is great! But make sure you balance everything by taking the time to be discipled, trained and equipped for the mission. Be like the disciples who waited in the upper room for the Holy Spirit to come down upon them so they could witness effectively. Make sure you’re under a ministry/church, under leadership/authority, you’re continually receiving discipleship and most importantly you’re accountable to your pastor/mentor.


So this is what my new song “Main Stream" off my forthcoming EP is all about, and because I understand my vision I am not afraid to make a stand and go into these major mainstream events, to bring the good news of hope and love AND NOT of condemnation. And not just bring the good news but hopefully bring back a couple of fishes.


What keeps me grounded is being in my word and having mentors around me.


Matthew 4: 19 "Come and follow me and I will make you fishers of men".


If you listen to the song carefully I do say I am going into the "Mainstream", but once I enter the mainstream I'm taking the good news with me, I'm carrying my cross with me into the mainstream. Once I enter the Mainstream (watch the writing now), am going to then direct my followers to the Main.....Stream.


The “Main” source is God. The “Stream” is Jesus Christ who is the living water, the living word of God.


So as I'm entering the MainStream I'm re-directing my new MainStream audience to the Main-Stream. Get it?


Read the chorus carefully.


"TeamFD were going to the Main....Stream, taking all his word to MainStream, I'll be entering the MainStream, lost dudes in the MainStream, they'll be calling me "what ya doing”, I'm going Main....Stream.


Please pray for me and my team as we go out to these arenas.


Romans 1:16 | John 3:17


Faith D


God bless Faith D for representing for his fans!

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