Madea's Witness Protection

Tyler Perry's back on the movie scene with his latest comedy flick Madea's Witness Protection. The film follows Wall Street Banker George Needleman (Eugene Levy) whose life takes an expected turn when he learns his firm has been operating a mob backed Ponzi scheme (rather dodgy dealings).  To his dismay George has been set up as the fall guy and faces criminal charges and mob threats. His only place of refuge is Madea's house down south.

George's spoilt teenage daughter, lonely son and frustrated wife will certainly bring some entertaining drama to Madea's residence.

Usual Madea traditional always involves some good old fashioned tough love so it will be interesting to see how she deals with dysfunctional family she has to put up with. Check out the trailer below.


Madea's Witness Protection is set for US release on 29th June.


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