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Fly Gospel duo Mary Mary show their strength, confidence and sassiness in their encouraging video for Go Get it. If it wasn't for the joys and revelations of reality television one could assume the successful ladies have had a silver spoon handed to them. This couldn't be further from the truth! Becoming the phenomenal women they are today has been far from an easy ride. Before the blessings Mary Mary have had to overcome some battles. In their hit reality TV Show titled Mary Mary the two sisters show the bitter and sweet realities of striving for success including singing while pregnant, missing Thanksgiving with family to work and dealing with their headstrong but talented stylist sister. Check out an episode of the show which is tons better than the Kardashians by the way.


The Mary Mary show reflects the blood, sweat and at times heartbreaking tears the sisters shed while balancing a demanding work and family life. As hardworking and ambitious women they are both determined to juggle their multiple roles of mummy, wife and straight up Gospel legends. The sacrificial decisions they make in the show display a relatable side ordinary folks can definitely identify with. These superwomen support their husbands and raise their families while performing State wide, planning a tour and keeping their vocals consistently tight. Its clear all these things are achieved through their dependency on God and their solid faith.

With 3 Grammy's under the belt and numerous other awards of excellence, Mary Mary have built an amazing career from their 2000 Shackles release.Their story is an undeniable testimony and its a blessing they can pour out their experiences and breakthroughs to bless other people through their music. The other good news is the green light for season two has been given for the show! We wish them more success and further greatness in their career. Go get it girls!


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