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To mark Father's Day Writeway music present this touching documentary 'The Fatherless' which explores their own relationship experiences with their dads. The video filmed by Dvisionaiir really highlights how important a father figure is not only in a son's life but discusses valid points on the impact they have on their daughters and on the family as whole. This is a great reminder to those that have their father's present to appreciate their dads at all times and not just on Fathers Day.

It also shows  how valuable their Leadership role is.  Key messages in the documentary include forgiveness and honouring parents that are present in people's lives. The Fatherless film is a timely and refreshing spin on the subject of fathers by the Writeway team. With varying experiences with their dads its evident these young men have all become inspirational role models through ministry.

Tell us about your own father experiences and  what does Fathers Day mean to you guys? Is it a day to celebrate or disregard?


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