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Whitney Fangawa meets up with Hannah Oyewole, Entrepreneur and Founder of Young Ladies Club. Read on to discover more about the inspirational organisation and the fabulous High Heels networking event.
High Heels

Young entrepreneurs are taking over; they’re known as the young leaders filled with confidence, wisdom and a staggering amount of fearlessness. So watch out ladies and gents as I introduce a young entrepreneur who is leading women to their success story. Meet the Founder and Director of Young Ladies Club, 24 year old Hannah Oyewole.

So what is Young Ladies Club, I hear you ask? Well consider it to be your go to guide for all things concerning entrepreneurship, employment, education and personal development. It’s a platform to inspire and educate young women between the ages of 16 and 25 to achieve the impossible; yes they’re making dreams come true. She started up the Company after studying Business Management for four years at Hertfordshire University. Her passion for entrepreneurship and not to mention her first class honours in the degree led her to start a Company.

Though she had the vision for the Company in 2008 she didn’t start acting upon her vision until 2011. Time is definitely of the essence guys.

‘Although I had the vision I knew I had a lot of growing and development to do within myself before pouring into others, Hannah said.’

Hannah grew up amongst many women in her household and in church so women were the leading figures in her life and many acted as mentors to her. So she knew it would only be right to dedicate her company to women, she finally realised her calling and recognised the need to help young women in their lives. ‘I could not sit back and do nothing,’ she said. A few years along the line and she is certainly putting her dream into action and one event that had ladies talking about was her the  High Heels event on Friday 20th July at the 02 Workshop at Tottenham Court Road. It was an event not to be missed the atmosphere was buzzing with young women networking away and taking hold of their success.

The guest speaker of the night was 25 year old Fashion designer of the Fashion Charity Caramel Rock, entrepreneur and God fearing woman, Faith Johnson. Ears and hearts were open to receive her words of wisdom as she gave women the secrets to success. Through her fashion brand she has successfully inspired and encourages young people in schools. She has taken underprivileged students and deprived aspiring people into the house of Caramel Rock.

She uses fashion as means to engage with young people and give them endless opportunities for them to start their own career. She is also a woman on a mission to complete God’s work. So as she brings young people to Caramel Rock she introduces them to her ministry so she is definitely winning souls for the Kingdom of Heaven. Faith was ready to let her wisdom flow that night and said:

‘You need to see a need and create a demand’.

She made it clear if you are hoping to see a business you need to ensure you have a unique selling point you need to ask a few questions and make sure your product or service will have people knocking on your door. Plan, plan, plan and when you think you have finished do some more planning. Planning is key to a successful business. She said it is vital to have an overall plan and have a clear vision of where you see the business years from now.

However that’s just a small part you have to ensure that you deliver great customer service too. ‘Relationships are very important,’ she said.  Character speaks volume so it’s up to you to be customer based otherwise you will have customers turning away from your business in search of one that can offer superb customer service.

Give and you shall surely receive. Giving doesn’t only amount to money but also your time. Faith gave an analogy that when you give with open hands you will also receive abundantly but if you hold onto your money or blessings then you don’t have space to receive more. I’m keeping this one, what a powerful idea.

Young Ladies Club didn’t stop there they blessed the women by a performance from the Lynch sisters; they gave the ladies a treat with their anointing voices. The duo Charlotte and Cara serenaded the crowd with two selections of songs. They sang Use Somebody by Kings of Leon and Can’t Give up Now by Mary Mary. They dedicated the second song to the women in the crowd and hoped that it would encourage them to continue persevering with their business ideas and steps to success.  It was lovely to hear the duo singing at the event and they are truly two sisters en route to success.

Ambition is infectious once you get it, it passes onto others. So surround yourself with successful people and success will surely come your way.

It was amazing to see how Hannah Oyewole and Faith Johnson, both women of God are able to provide people with a service that they can benefit from. I’ll be surely attending more of the Young Ladies Club events and will be checking out the Caramel Rock studio to know more about the fashion courses. Ladies were networking till the end of the event and frankly nobody wanted to leave but I bear good news as Young Ladies Club will be holding another event coming soon. So check their facebook page for more info and I’ll be seeing you at their next event.

Written by Whitney Fangawa.

To find out more about Young Ladies Club:

Young Ladies Club Fan Page


www.youngladiesclub.co.uk (coming soon)


And also stay updated caramelrock.com

Check out some of the photos from the successful event:

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