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It's been almost two years since TNBT  had the privilege to meet the ambitious Claud Williams. In this time the dream chasing Photographer and Entrepreneur has been busy taking his business ventures to new heights, launching a photography studio as well as building his team known as the Cosmic Empire. Through this new initiative 'The Imperfect Project', the talented creative reveals some of the real life experiences he has faced setting up a new business. The advice is great for anyone in the process or beginning a business of their own...

So if you're an aspiring entrepreneur or just need some inspiration check out these valuable tips.

There is no time like the present

Describing himself as a self-confessed perfectionist, Claud explains that wanting a perfect product can cause us to procrastinate. Inspired by a radio host's story, of their website launch, Claud shares this lesson and his own thoughts about delaying a vision:

"There is no reason to take so long to launch a project when you have the ability to, do it right now."

Permanent Beta

He also defines what the 'Permanent Beta' concept is. This means having a project that is good enough for the public and having the courage to put it out there despite it not being perfect.

"Let people see it for themselves, interact with it, and give you feedback because in reality you are never going to be able to get anything perfect until you put it out there for the world to see."

We all have dreams and sometimes they can seem so big our own concerns can defer these from becoming a reality. Claud explains the importance of just getting things done. Setting up his first photography studio has always been one of his own dreams.  Despite the studio being nearly ready, Claud reveals his intention of launching the project at a later date. It was only when his buddy questioned this delay that Claud realised his perfectionist ways were actually preventing him from launching his project.

"Getting things done is better than being perfect."

Claud's story will definitely speak volumes to entrepreneurs worried about launching their imperfect products. 'The Imperfect Project' will give people the confidence needed to start today with what they have and develop something better with time. We're looking forward to more tips and videos from 'The Imperfect Project.'

Check out the video below:



Can you identify with some of Claud's experiences? Or do you have an imperfect product you're afraid to launch? Tell us.  Share your comments below!

For more info about The Imperfect Project and Claud Williams:
Twitter:  @Mr_Cosmic
The Imperfect Project website: http://ClaudWilliams.co.uk .


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