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It’s said that it takes 21 days to form a habit and the Idonotconform ministry is on a mission to get young Christians to develop Godly one’s. Get ready and get fired up for the Mind Makeover Challenge!

Digital media has revolutionized the way that we spend much of our free time. If it’s not Facebook chat, Twitter trends or Youtube occupying our time, there is always the TV, or our mobile phones to keep us busy and engaged for hours on end. Yet when we take a closer look, how many of these things that we give our time to really benefit our Christian walk? Mind Makeover is a 21 day challenge which asks us to consider our habits and assess whether we conform to the ways of the world rather than the Kingdom of God.

Starting from the 11th of October there will be daily video blogs based on biblical scriptures with life changing testimonies, practical advice and words of encouragement to ignite and revive our spiritual lives in Christ. Every video will be posted on idonotconform.com, Youtube and here on TNBT.  High profile Christian artists and ministers are fully backing the campaign including Andy Gray (John 3.30), S.O, FaithChild, Triple O, True2DaName, A-Star, J Vessel, DJ Kelechi and many others.


The 21 day challenge is a great opportunity to build on your faith especially if  feels like its becoming a struggle to make time for God and grow in your Christianity. Even if you've never picked up a bible before all are welcome to participate and get involved in the Mind Makeover challenge. Each video will prompt you to pray, meditate or take action to renew your mind and not conform to the world. Most importantly you won't be doing it alone, as there is a strong network of like minded Christians willing and ready to make a change for God. So get ready and be expectant for 21 days of greatness.  At the end of the challenge there will be a live concert with renowned Gospel artists, speakers and worship.

We'll be posting daily video's from Mind Makeover so stay tuned.

Join the MindMakeover conversation on twitter and use #MindMakeover  if you are taking part in this life transforming challenge.


For more information about The Mind Makeover Challenge:

Website:  www.idonotconform.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/idonotconform

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/idonotconformtv

Twitter: @Idonotconform



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