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Thinking of starting a business of your own? Or ever wondered how you can turn your passion into a profitable career? Opy Onas just the answer in his new book 'Turn Your Passion into Your Profession.
Opy Onas

There is a saying that goes 'Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.'  We spend about one third of the day at work so it makes sense to enjoy what you do right? If you're fed up of clock watching at your job then Opy Onas' new book Turn Your Passion into Your Profession, is just the ticket to developing a career of your own. Turn Your Passion into Your Profession provides a step by step guide for finding an idea and turning that gem into a business venture. So if you have a passion that you'd love to make your full time profession then head down to the official book launch taking place at the House of Commons on the 5th of November. Opy will be explaining the

fundamentals of business planning for success and what causes early start ups to fail. Turn Your Passion into Your Profession is an in depth manual to making a profitable and valuable business out of something you enjoy. There are real life examples in the book which readers can draw from such as the characteristics of Steve Jobs and self analysis of skills. There are also handy action points to help you take the necessary practical steps to making your dream a reality.

Opy says:

"The book is about teaching individuals what their passion is and what their talents are and how they can use this to make money."

One thing that makes Opy Onas' book a refreshing read is that there are no 'get rich quick schemes' or '10 easy steps to become a success'.  Turn Your Passion into Your Profession is based on genuine experiences and presents the challenges of launching a business but offers beneficial solutions to execute your vision.

Whatever stage you're at of starting a business it's in your best interests to attend the official book launch which includes the author book signing as well as networking with other entrepreneurs and attendees. Admission is by registration only with a ticket. There are limited spaces so secure your place by booking here.

Speakers on the night also include University Gospel Choir of the Year Founder - Lorraine Wright, Motivational Speaker - Action Jackson, Kentledger Media Founder - Jacob Kent-Ledger, Founder of Jimmy Garcia Catering and South West Upper Club - Jimmy Garcia.


Opy Onas has established himself as a highly sought after Keynote Speaker, Coach and Trainer. He is the founder of Proten UK www.Protenuk.com and the Business Start Up Academy which is aimed at helping individuals develop their ideas into a Business Venture.

Follow Opy Onas on Twitter: @OpyOnas

Find out more about the author: www.opyonas.com

Event Details: RSVP on the Facebook Event Page




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