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Deitrick Haddon releases a Gospel version of Usher's R&B track 'Climax' , sparking a fresh debate about using Secular music to promote the Gospel.

Gospel singer Deitrick Haddon put his spin on Usher's hit R&B track Climax.  His version of the song expresses a clear desire to glorify God. The intro starts with Deitrick narrating his interpretation at the beginning of the lyrics video. He says 'When I think of Climax I think about the highest place you can reach and that's God's presence.' Deitrick has had floods of requests to cover other tracks and been busy responding to his fans requests with other remixes including Jay Z and Kanye's Church in the Wild, and Mercy as well as Miguel's Adorn. The singer announced that these tracks are a part of his up and coming mix tape project called ReversedDeitrick not only has a great singing  talent but his creative ability to transform each of these songs and make them his own is evident. While his die-hard fans are loving these new tracks others remain skeptical for the remixing of Secular songs to promote the gospel...

Deitrick took to his twitter to respond to his critics:

There's no denying the lyrics of Climax do reflect  a sincere sense of praise, check out the hook:

Going nowhere fast we've reached the climax.

We're together Lord we are one. In your presence Lord refuse to run.

Away... from this holy place.

Lord in Your Presence there's so much love.

I won't go back. It's too late - we've reached the climax.

See for yourself and watch the lyric video's below!

Deitrick's version of Climax 


Deitrick's version of Church in the Wild



 You can download Deitrick's Climax Reversed and Church in the Wild on site here




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