Pastor Prince David's new Book 'Marriage What to Know' is an essential guide for building and restoring long lasting marriages.

Nowadays a wedding isn't complete without Cameo's Candy routine, or even the bouquet toss, with hopeful brides waving their ring finger's to Beyoncé's Single Ladies. YouTube is also full of wedding dance surprises and proposals, highlighting the amount of time, emphasis and thought that is placed on the big day. However aside from the culture of exhibition that has become the focus of marriage, it seems that actual time invested in preparation towards marriage has become less of a priority.

 To combat this problem Pastor Prince David walks through the whole purpose of marriage in his new book ' Marriage What to Know'. Filled with valuable principles and advice, the book details everything  from who and how to choose your life long partner to what you should consider even before courtship. Pastor Prince David is passionate about the teaching of covenant marriages and is all for the restoring of its sacredness which is frequently overlooked in today's society.  

In a fairy-tale style wedding to Kris Humphries, socialite Kim Kardashian had two wedding dresses and a picture perfect black and white wedding scheme. Yet 72 days of marriage later, the couple filed for a divorce. So with all the glitz and glam that went into their wedding did they really invest as much time into building a life long partnership?

Pastor Prince David expresses his concern about the state of marriage today, he says 'People are not acknowledging that the institution of marriage is divine and sacred.' Marriage is being challenged with the government attempting to re-define it and couple's divorcing within months, Pastor Prince David calls this a crisis. Divorce is not only impacting celebrities but also within the church. Gospel singer and song writer Deitrick Haddon confirmed on his twitter this summer that he and his wife Damita are sadly no longer together after 15 years of marriage.

Pastor Prince David continues 'The divorce rate is increasing year on year, even amongst believers. The joy that marriage is supposed to bring is not being realised. Marriage is losing its attraction with the young, and the unmarried have no compulsion to marry.'

' Marriage What to Know' seeks to educate and prepare people for a life long commitment. It explores an in depth process of how to live as a single Christian and presents the realities of marriage life and how to deal with  those issues.  So whether you're single, on the road to marriage or in a committed relationship invest in worthy marriage tools and be sure to grab a copy of this book full of knowledge. With the right focus  'Marriage What to Know'  is the must have guide to help build and maintain successful marriages.

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Pastor Prince David is founder of New Rivers Ministries & New Rivers Choir. He serves as the Senior Pastor of Resurrection Manifestations. He is known as a noted Author, Evangelist, Prophet, Teacher, Father and remarkable Man of God.

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