Andy Gray presents the final Mind Makeover video blog for the 21 day challenge. Andy's message is based on Philippians 2:5 You must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had.' Looking at the life of Christ, Andy says we should take on the attitude of Jesus in our daily lives. He lived a life of service and obedience even to the point of death. It's this amazing kind of  humility that Jesus displayed that we should model. Andy advises we can do this by putting others first before ourselves. The Christian life is a sacrificial lifestyle which considers the needs of others before ourselves. Day 21 asks us to honour and serve friends, family, colleagues, brothers and sisters. The bible also says in John 3:30 He must increase but I must decrease. The final Challenge is to ask yourself do I have the same attitude as Jesus? Do I put others before me. Let's make a change from today.

Andy Gray is a Speaker, with experience of over a decade working in ministry. He regularly works with youth and speaks at churches as well as urban Christian urban events.

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Mind Makeover has been a fantastic a 21 day challenge brought to you by I Do Not Conform. There have been daily video blogs for 21 days on how to renew your mind in Christ (based on Romans 12:2). Together we can exchange bad habits for good ones! Check out all the video’s here and all the TNBTMAG posts here.

The Mind Makeover challenge ends with a free concert on the 2nd of November featuring Andy Gray (John 3.30)S.O, FaithChild, Triple O, True2DaName, A-Star, J Vessel, DJ Kelechi and many others. You can sign up for free at to secure your place.

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