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J Vessel - More of You

The New Year signals a time to reflect back at the previous year as well as a time to set fresh goals for the year ahead. UK Gospel Artist J Vessel, shares his priority to get closer to God and receive more of his presence in his latest single More of You. The song is a strong declaration of purpose to seek God like never before and conform to his image rather than get distracted by things of the world. The moving track features a duet with MOBO nominated singer Jake Isaac, and is making a big impact online for its genuine desire to praise God above all things. Find out about the journey behind the new single and check out the official lyrics video...

More of You  is a beautiful track with its roots stemming from a place of deep thought and spiritual evaluation. J Vessel reveals that it was after the tragic suicide of Gary Speed that he began to carefully consider the bigger picture of  the Lord being the true source of fulfillment in one's life.

" What surprised me most about his story is that two nights before his death I saw him on BBC - Final Score looking bubbly, smiling and laughing - just goes to show we can never (unless maybe you really know them) know what's going on in someone's life and more importantly in someone's mind, behind the scenes."

More of You is a unique track that acknowledges a need for God in a time where success and achieving our own needs are frequently emphasized. The single takes a fresh look at the world's  real need for God where possessions, power and other things do not have the capability to fill us when we're running on empty. The core of this reflective and confessional song is a desire to experience more of the Lord in every area of life and is a timely record for the new season. Of all our new goals for the new year, putting God above all things is definitely a priority not to miss off the list. Check out the video below:


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