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Singercise UK is an innovative new fitness class founded by Rachel Kerr which combines vocal and dancing exercises to improve health, stamina and breathing techniques.
Singercise UK - Rachel Kerr

MOBO Award Winner Rachel Kerr has set up a one of a kind, creative environment to enhance singing vocals, get fit and increase your stamina with Singercise classes. The unique work out is a combination of singing and exercise to create an intense and fun work out. The classes are great for singers and vocalists that are keen to improve their breathing techniques, general fitness and develop an ability to dance and sing simultaneously. Rachel started up the classes when she saw there were no classes that offered these techniques and birthed the Singercise workout. The first class begins this Saturday so check out the video and get signed up if  you want a work out with a difference or you're ready to take your stage performance to new levels!


Singercise is a great investment for anyone trying to get their foot in the showbiz door. As a well sought after technique to both sing and dance it is a desirable skill that will place you a head of the crowd. But you don't have to be a professional stage performer to attend classes but just be willing to have an enjoyable work out and try something new. Classes are an hour long and are open to all ages, both men and women.The first lesson is free then classes cost £60 for 5 lessons or £10 for 100 lessons. For sessions its advised to bring comfortable clothes and a bottle water. Now get your dancing shoes at the ready!

Class Details

Time: 11am - 12pm

The Basement Dance Studio

400 York Way,


N7 9LR

Tube: Caledonian Road (4 mins)


To book and for further information





Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SingerciseUk




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