MARC MICHEL are a colourful and vibrant video production company based in the heart of London. They are known for producing creative and  high quality animated and live action videos and series. Director Marc Michel gave us the low down on the fresh rebrand and what to expect from the youthful style of his production team...

What makes Marc Michel different from other production companies?

Our slogan "itellavision" is about taking each individual client's idea and vision and making it bigger than life, we not only provide a service but also produce our own positive, uplifting & artistic visuals. We understand that film and music videos do not only entertain us but also influence us because this medium is one of the best ways to spread messages to a local or international audience.

And what is the Motive for Marc Michel?

Our mission is to always spread life changing and thought provoking messages that will influence people to think differently and change their lives in a positive way.

So What does the Future hold Marc Michel?

Along with our uplifting productions, we have up and coming Media training sessions for young people that we intend to launch in the near future, these will be in the form of blogs, video tutorials and workshops.


Sound big!

Marc Michel Video Production


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