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Lyrical Soldier is breaking through with a victorious sound of the Gospel. Support his encouraging new EP 'Rise Up' out now.
Lyrical Soldier Rise Up EP February

There is no stopping Lyrical Soldier, the Go hard or Go Home Christian rapper marks a strong start to the year with the official release of his new EP Rise Up.Whether it's through his music or ministry the preacher, singer and spoken word artist is always fully loaded with a word of encouragement and evangelism. Find out more about his latest project with features from Legendary Reggae Artist Papa San and MOBO Nominee Bobby Bovell.

Lyrical Soldier Rise Up EP

Where social issues, uncertainties and the daily challenges of life would naturally be a signal for alarm bells, for Lyrical Soldier they are opportunities to spread the good news in times where hope is dim, he says:

“I put God first in everything I do and my music speaks to the people who haven’t got a voice but are going through any kind of pain. If I can inspire you through music to choose God as the solution to your problem. Then my mission is on its way”.

Standing out as a positive role model Lyrical Soldier describes himself as a ‘Lyrical Minister’ with a talent to inspire, transcend, challenge, motivate and educate music fans worldwide. Through his music the rising star is making a reputable mark as a creative story-teller with an empowering message of faith to renew and touch the lives of his many listeners. With a mission to take Gospel Music to higher heights Lyrical Soldier doesn't shy away from real life subjects including; Homelessness, Alcoholism and Young people’s attitudes towards crime. By identifying these societal problems Lyrical Soldier also calls for people to rise up from their difficulties and aim for a better outcome through having faith in God.

With an undeniable heart for people and community Lyrical Soldier has now been confirmed to tour Ghana for 10 days. The tour will be from the 1st till the 10th of March 2013 for the Betty King International Ministries UK & Eagles Temple, Ghana production ‘In the Presence of the King’. A gospel tour which will see Lyrical soldier evangelise through school visits, prison visits, a village outreach programme and concerts within 10 days in Ghana.

It certainly looks like 2013 is set to be a promising year for the inspirational artist as well as his music fans that are ready and willing to rise up and overcome in the word of God.

‘Rise Up’ by Lyrical Soldier is out on now on the Official International Independent Charts. All Downloads and Listens count for a chart position. To support the single. Go to: www.independentcharts.org from the 1st of Feb. 2013.


Stay updated with Lyrical Soldier:

Web:  www.lyricalsoldier.com

Facebook:  Lyrical Soldier Facebook

Twitter:  @Lyrical_Soldier

YouTube:  www.youtube.com/user/TheLyricalSoldier



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