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If you are fed up with being single then Hannah Oyewole has news for you, that's totally the wrong attitude! Check out her motivational video on why singleness is actually blessing.
single and saved

If you've got Valentine's Day blues there's no need! Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur and Young Ladies Club Founder Hannah Oyewole presents this great inspirational video reminding us why we should embrace singleness. This is an exclusive series to help singles who are in their season of waiting on their potential mate. Check out the video which will challenge our ideas about the single life.

 Encouragement for Singles

 Hannah breaks down the fundamentals for enjoying single life: 

  • Know your self worth, self value and time.
  • Build up love this is a process that takes time
  • Develop a relationship with God.
  • Go straight to the creator, draw close to him, remain in the word and pray.
  • Take time to actually know yourself. Working on 'me' is essentially working on 'we'.
  • Make the most of this season! While you're busy pursuing your purpose it will make room for your partner to enter your life while you're at your best!

This series is sure to be uplifting Share, Subscribe and watch other great videos at www.youtube.com/user/HannahOyewoleTV

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You can also Join Hannah at this month's networking edition of The Young Ladies Club, High Heels ~ UPLIFTMENT, EMPOWERMENT, SUCCESS on Fri 22nd Feb.



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