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What does it take to launch an innovative hair business? Find out @ The High Heels Upliftment, Empowerment & Success networking event, hosted by The Young Ladies Club. Come & learn top start up secrets from Guest Speaker, Entrepreneur & Chief Executive Mary Oluwawo, of Papachichi Style.
Young Ladies Club High Heels Networking Event

All aspiring Boss Ladies should attend High Heels ~ Upliftment, Empowerment & Success, a fabulous networking evening hosted by The Young Ladies ClubIt's a must for your diary if you're keen to gain crucial start-up advice and network with other ambitious ladies. The networking event takes place on Friday 22nd February with the aim of empowering and supporting young women to fulfill their destiny. The night will feature Mary Oluwawo, Entrepreneur and Chief Executive of  Papachichi Style. Mary is the owner of a unique mobile hairdressing company that specialize in professional weaves and hair services. Check out the site and amazing pics...

Beauty & Style on a Mission

Young Ladies Club High Heels, Papachichi Style


at www.papachichistyle.com. Papachichi Style is a unique brand with a mission to change the negative perception of UK based hairstylists. Hair extensions are all the rage right now and no hair diva is complete without her U part wig of course. Catching on to this ever growing beauty trend Papachichi Style are dedicated to providing carefully selected, cut and styled hairstyles to frame and enhance their customers best features. Papachichi Style offer an affordable and convenient service in the comfort of their client's home. The company is a breath of fresh air as they also care about the health of hair as well as style.



The Young Ladies Club will present an informative evening where guests can learn all about how Mary has successfully tapped into the lucrative and booming beauty sector. High Heels ~ Upliftment, Empowerment & Success will provide a chance to hear all about the Founder's initiative's and business journey. So if you're interesting in beauty, branding or business in general don't miss your chance to be enlightened and take your self-development and business to the next level. The night will also include freebies as well as free refreshments. Get booking ladies, tickets are available now from www.eventelephant.com/highheels.


Event Details

Fri, 22 Feb, 2013
Start time: 6:30
End time: 9:30


Google Campus
4-5 Bonhill Street
London, EC2A 4BX
United Kingdom

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www.youngladiesclub.co.uk (coming soon)


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