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Meet 24 year old Lexy Boahene.  She is a Go-getter and Founder of Diva’s on Demand, a networking society that is fast becoming one the of the leading networking platforms to engage Ladies from all ages, professions, cultures and backgrounds in the UK. Lexy's networking events have been making massive impacts on people's lives and she is now a nominee for A Woman for Africa Award and African Women in Europe Award.  Diva’s on Demand gather to discuss relevant and pressing concerns in our lives around social issues, relationships, current affairs, fashion, travel and more. Lexy is a young woman that is passionate about helping people to achieve their dreams and is dedicated to creating an environment for like-minded individuals to motivate each other to move forward in their lives.

The Diva’s on Demand monthly meet up features inspirational and diverse guest speakers that impart valuable advice and share their life experiences with the group. In the space of under a year Lexy has managed to create an innovative society for some of the most successful professionals to tell their stories and talk about relatable issues with ambitious adults. Past speakers have included ITN’s News Anchor Charlene White, BBC3  Presenter Claudia Liza, Life Coach Jenny Garrett, and Business Owner Hilary Ineomo-Marcus,  as well as Dr and Medical Director Charlie Easmon and others. Find out in our step by step guide from the determined Diva on what it takes  to make it big in networking events.

Top 5 Tips from the Diva's on Demand Founder Lexy Boahene

Divas on Demand Alexis Owusu

1.You Gotta have Passion

First things first, you may have heard it tons of time before but Lexy asserts the importance of Passion. Make sure you are doing what you love so you can give it the attention and investment it needs. In order for others to buy into your vision they need to see that you believe in it to.  “Whatever you’re doing your drive needs to come from your passion. You need to be highly motivated, have interest and want to do anything.”


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2. Research, Research and more Research

So having the zeal and passion for a project is all good but research is key and shouldn’t be under estimated. It’s important to identify problems and successes amongst competitors so you can create and fill a necessary gap in the market. Lexy says “Find out about out other networking events, find out what they do, how  and what their weaknesses are. Then structure your society around that. Find out who your target audience is and what they want in a society."


3. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail

This point couldn't be stressed enough. Plan well and in detail. Particularly with events its crucial to cover as much as possible in advance, planning needs to be considered “from the marketing strategy to the venue, to where the events will actually happen. Make sure there are visual information as well as written information throughout marketing of the events.”


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4. Living out your dream

Putting things into practice is probably the most challenging aspect for most people when it comes to turning your vision into a reality. Lexy advises that its crucial to "implement once you have done all your planning, research and marketing, put it to the test. Feedback is vital. Make sure you identify your strengths & weaknesses and what needs changing or adjusting.”


5. Build and maintain

Maintaining what you have started is the only way to grow. It helps when you "surround yourself with like minded people throughout, make your team your family and maintain every single contact you come across” suggests Lexy.  Every experience and new person we meet has the ability to add something to our lives so making the most out of every opportunity goes a long way individually and for your business. “You meet every one for a reason or a lesson”. Wise words from a true Diva.


Diva's on Demand have a focus group meeting this month on the 18th of March at the London Museum. For more details about the event visit the Divas on Demand Event Page


Twitter: @on_dod
Facebook: http://t.co/dJp0d5TN
Website: www.divasondemand.co.uk



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