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When it comes to the associations of  a footballer player it's likely that money, WAGS, a glam lifestyle and often times some dodgy hair cuts spring to mind! But dedicated Immanuel Parry of the under 21's Stoke City football club talks about the importance of faith, fitness and having the necessary skills to make it far in football. He also describes the realities of sacrificing for the game that he loves. To become a football player is a common dream for many young men and in this TNBTMAG interview, 19 year old Immanuel  explains  what it takes to really make it as a professional in the highly competitive sport...


How has your faith helped you in your career?

Faith is a major part of my football career because in football there are many ups and downs and people who will doubt your ability and try and put you down so you alway have to have faith.

What obstacles have you had to overcome in football and how did you get through?

I was at Millwall when I was 15 to 17 I was then released by them and they told me that they think I should think about going to college and play football part time. I knew I could be a professional so I kept faith and work hard and got a contract at stoke city.

What does it take to be a football player?

To be a footballer you have to give it everything you got there is so much competition in the sport every boy in school wants to be a footballer, so you have to work harder than most and keep believing you're good enough.

What are some of the misconceptions you feel people have about footballers?

Many people think that footballers just pick up big money and don't give back to the community but many footballers support charity's hospitals and deprived community's.

Who is your favourite Ghananian player?

My favourite Ghanaian player has to be Essian because he's a good player who has won so many trophies and played for some of the biggest clubs in the world.

Has your Ghanaian culture helped you in anyway to progress into your sports profession?

My Ghanaian culture has helped me a lot to have respect for all my coaches and not to take anything for granted.

Did you always have encouragement about entering sports and if not how did you handle it?

At the beginning not a lot because my family wanted me to focus on school and going to church on Sundays which was the days that I went to church but after my coaches spoke to my family and told them that I could go far my family began to support me as much as they could.

What things have you had to sacrifice to get to where you are?

I've had to sacrifice a lot such as moving away from my family and friends when I was 17 which was difficult but it's all apart of the parcel of being a footballer.
What is the highlight of being a footballer?

The highlight of being a footballer is waking up everyday to do something you love and enjoy for a living.

What is a typical day for you like @ work?

My day begins at 9 o'clock I would go and have some breakfast then go to the gym and warm up by going on a bike and doing some stretches. After that I will go out do some training for about and hour and a half come back in and have some lunch. Then we would do some more gym work and that's how the day goes.


Words by Grlinmedia

Interview by Darren Ola


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