Tamara Akotuah interviews the team behind Kende an edgy new fashion collection that merges traditional African prints with modern abstract designs.
KENDE Fashion

Who said traditional wear couldn't be trendy? Well feast your eyes on these artistic designs by Kende.

Kende are an emerging creative fashion brand formed by brother and sister duo Daniella Asare and Basil Hanson who explore and embrace their ethnicity by combing traditional wear with a twist of modern art. The pair have partnered to create a highly stylized and unique fashion brand of innovative art pieces and garments, all of which where inspired from a recent family trip to Ghana. Read on for the TNBTMAG interview which is full of positivity and words of encouragement for all you dream chasers and budding fashion designers.

kende womens t shirt


This super cool collection features everything from fashionable T-shirts, Hoodies, iPhone & iPad cases, Canvas prints and even decorative home wear. One thing about Kende is that they have truly original designs and have found a creative way to bring a sparkle of Africa with you everywhere. With a store up and running at  the future for Kende is to go global in retail stores. They are also working on making their products more accessible for people to purchase…and on top of that aim to 'to go from a brand to a lifestyle, God willing'.

Faith as a foundation for Fashion

So what has helped the Kende team to get this far? “Prayer is key, and having job (in this climate) is a blessing from God. God gives wisdom to those who ask and has helped us to live by faith, so if you pray and ask him, you shall receive! And once you DO get the job, work with all your heart as Colossians 3:23,24 says.”

Kende advise all who are looking to start their own business, whether it be fashion related or not to "surround yourself with like- minded individuals that can help encourage and motivate you as well as finding a Christian mentor."  Keeping up to date with current trends, reading or even travelling also shouldn't be overlooked. Kende aims to blend traditional and modernity with an African twist so they are always updated on street trends whilst broadening vibrant yet royal heritage culture. Sometimes they design things by accident. “Believe it or not things don’t always go the way we expect to go, but only Gods knows!”

 Zaina Hoodie Kende


Plan and Prioritize

Many agree that education can sometimes affect our goals and aspirations, Kende say to to students who look to pursue a career which involves starting up their own business to have in mind that studies come first due to deadlines, tests, exams, tutorials, etc, but it’s all about having priorities and scheduling everything to fit together. You have to see how much time, effort and dedication is adequate enough to get the best out of your studies whilst figuring out the same for your business. There will be conflicts between the two but it has to be controlled.

Starting a business is not a walk in the park and Kende also believe that we shouldn't blame God for the tough times because we get to experience the mercy and joy afterwards. And plus the tough times don’t last forever, thankfully! So how will the brains behind Kende celebrate this year's Ghana’s Independence? With family, and of course working hard to get more amazing fashion pieces accomplished. (We can't wait).

kende pillow pinkHow to make it in the Fashion Game

 Kende are definitely off to a great start with their admirable collection and have wise words for                 anyone wanting to merge fashion and business together. So what are the key lessons have they learned along the way on their journey?  "Discipline and drive are very important in the creative industry. Think business- gaining entrepreneurial skills that will help you transform your passion into a lucrative career. In a nutshell…discipline, have a global mind-set, professionalism and the ability to think BIG with confidence along with understanding with numbers helps big time!"

Will you be purchasing any Kende products to celebrate Ghana’s Independence? Make sure you check out their store at

Words by Tamara Akotuah

Edited by Grlinmedia

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