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TNBTMAG GHANA Independence 56th

Today is Ghana's 56th Independence  Day and to mark this historical day TNBTMAG are having a Ghana Independence Editorial Special. For the rest of this week our features will  include inspirational articles from Creative Christians of Ghanaian heritage in the form of interviews, inspiring pictures, testimonies and news.

We'll be telling you stories of  Ghanaian's that are excelling in media, fashion, events, business and entertainment. With success comes challenges and TNBTMAG will be keeping it real and presenting the realities of each inspirational person. But at the same time we'll explore how the power that faith has played a vital role in many of the interviewees' lives to overcome the obstacles presented to them at times. The aim of this Editorial Special is to encourage  and inspire all of our readers all around the world to step out and make your dreams a reality without the fear of limitation just like the people featured in our articles.

We've got some cool editorial pieces lined up so please take time to read, share and comment. For all the fashion addicts check out the innovative new brand Kende. Their original collection blends artistic  designs with traditional African print. They do everything from hoodies, iPad & iPod cases, print canvases, pillows, T Shirts and even cards. They also provide some valuable advice for budding fashion designers on turning their craft into a lucrative business so be sure to check out the full interview by Kende fashion.

For all the Ladies out there keen to get their networking hustle on be sure to read about Lexy Boahene the Founder of networking Society Diva's on Demand. Lexy gives us her top tips on creating a successful networking event. Diva's on Demand are also having an event on the 18th of March so you don't want to miss out on that either.

For the sporty lads there are some crucial tips from 19 year old Immanuel Parry on how to make it as a professional football player. Also read up on the next potential Pope Peter Appiah Turkson from Ghana. The highly educated Cardinal is a strong favourite to win at the bookies at the moment proving times have really advanced. It's clear with achievements such as those outlined above there is much more greatness to come out of Ghana and of course many people using their talents to make this world a better place. We hope you enjoy our posts and please join us as we celebrate this important day as well as the amazing works of those using their talents to contribute some good to our society.


Yours Truly,

Grlinmedia & The TNBTMAG Team




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