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Chaley Boy Poet, Vocals & Verses

Guys meet ChaleBoy The Poet. To most of you, he needs no formal introduction! You may have seen him perform at your university or even at your church with his imaginative style of poetry which he delivers through engaging narrative stories. Or perhaps you have had the pleasure of attending one of his events' for Vocals and Verses, a night showcasing the best in poetry and soul lifting music performances. One thing's for sure, ChaleBoy The Poet is a familiar face but all for the right reasons, his talent.  Standing over 6ft this Poet flies the flag for Ghana (ChaleBoy). He is constantly breaking boundaries with his gift of words. This guy is an absolute wordsmith. TNBT MAG managed to sit him down to find out a little bit more about what makes him tick. Oh boi you have to read it to believe it. Check it out!


chaleboy the poet Benjamin Bennett

Could you tell us how you came up with your stage name?
My stage name was given to me at university, because I was very outspoken about my love for being from Ghana. Since then, its just stuck!

When did you realise that poetry was your gift?
I've always had a love for writing, even starting from primary school. It was only in secondary school that I discovered poetry properly and for the most part, I was just writing as many poems as I could but never performing them. In sixth form and university, I began to get into performing and the feedback I received from that allowed me to acknowledge properly the fact that "wow, I may actually be good at this".

Has it evolved since you started?
My poetry has definitely evolved since I started. When I started, most of my poetry was romantic poetry, or based around trivial subjects of no substance. When I got saved in 2009, it gave my poetry a new dimension, giving me the platform to talk about my faith, and other themes that served an edifying purpose. Even in the past year, my poetry has evolved further, as its become a lot more expressive and transparent.

How would you advise people to sharpen their gifts once they have identified them?
I would definitely say pray about your gifts. It sounds cliché but it's so necessary. Only God knows the true purpose of the gifts He's given you, and therefore you must seek direction from him so that you don't misuse them. I would also suggest being as proactive as possible. If you're a singer, for example, sing as much as you can, in as many places as possible whilst writing songs till your fingers hurt!

How can Christians have more influence in creative sectors and entertainment?
I think Christians need to be willing to step out. A lot of the time, we stay in our church sects and cliques and never shine our light in the places that need it. Once we develop the confidence to go in to places that may not be familiar to us, we will have an impact.

Does having a Christian up bringing make a person a Christian?
A Christian upbringing definitely doesn't automatically make you a Christian. You cannot be Christian by association. It has to be something that is your own personal decision. I am a testament to this, as I have a strong Christian family, but didn't actually give my life to God till I was about 19/20.

What is the best way to develop a relationship with God?
Constant prayer, reading and application of the Word. Setting time apart to spend intimate time with Him so you can really hear His voice. Fellowship with other Christians is also very important, as the Bible says 'iron sharpens iron'.

Can you tell us about Vocals & Verses and what is your vision for it?
Vocals & Verses is a bimonthly event I founded in March 2011, which is dedicated to showcasing some of the finest poets and soul singers in the UK underground scene. God has really worked wonders with it, and it has grown from strength to strength over these past two years. There is still lots more to do, and the plan is to keep expanding the brand till it is known on a national level, and draws in crowds of all ages and backgrounds.

How has being from a Ghanaian heritage impacted your life?
Being Ghanaian has made me more conscious of the beauty of culture. I love my heritage and it surfaces in my life every day, even in the smallest way. Although I was born and bred in London, being able to be familiar with both British and Ghanaian culture has given me more depth as a person. Ghana has a rich history and I hope to share that with my children, so that they know where their ancestors originated.

What lessons have you learned about relying on God in your Christian journey?
Be patient with Him. God works in His own time, not ours. Answers and breakthroughs may not materialise when we want them to, but we must be prepared to wait. He knows best. We don't. It is as simple as that.


Check out ChaleBoy Poet's Performance @Vocals & Verses


Interview by Grlinmedia
Words by Emmanuel Boateng


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