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Dentaa Guba Awards

Whoever said you had to stick to one trade clearly hasn't encountered the multi talented Dentaa. The CEO and Founder of the prestigious GUBA Awards (Ghana UK Bases Achievement Awards) is an Award winning Entrepreneur, Manager of an international footballer, TV Presenter and Producer. In the midst of all this Dentaa even recorded a Gospel album titled Wu Ye Nyame in 2005. Some would say that Dentaa's accomplishments are lifetime achievements but with her incredible work ethic it's apparent there's more greatness to come from this star studded lady.

Even from a young age Dentaa demonstrated a passion for the creative arts by studying A Level Media Studies, Sociology and Performing Arts at the Leyton Sixth Form College. After this she went on to study for a degree in Paediatric nursing at Buckinghamshire New University but went onto pursue a career destined in broadcasting. Dentaa has over 10 years of experience in presenting, hosting and fashion with various acting roles on the BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

Dentaa is an inspiration not only to the Ghanaian community that she proudly honours but to all those with a desire to fulfil their dreams. Illustrating there are no limitations in life, TNBTMAG were keen to gain some of her knowledge and find out what keeps this hardworking Boss Lady going.

Dentaa please could you describe yourself in 3 words?

Diligent, Visionary and Optimist.

 What inspired you to start the  GUBA Awards?

My inspiration came from the amazing work being done by people within the British Ghanaian community. Honourable Ghanaians like Lord Paul Boateng, MP Adam Afriyie and Hugh Quarshie are working hard and putting Ghana on the map. These great Ghanaians serve as role models for us young Ghanaians and that is what inspired me to use GUBA as a platform to acknowledge these wonderful people and a lot of the unknown others.

How has running the GUBA Awards changed your life?

My little dream of putting Ghana on at least the British calendar seemed to have materialised. 'Dentaa' is now a name associated with entrepreneurship and the willingness to help the Ghanaian community. I feel honoured and empowered to be able to help my community and I am a stronger person because of it.

In terms of your organisation, what’s your proudest or biggest achievement to date?

GUBA’s proudest achievement to date is being able to fulfil our aim of highlighting and rewarding successful Ghanaians all over the world. To be recognised and endorsed by the likes of Lord Paul Boateng, the Ghana High Commissioner and the British High Commission amongst many others is a great achievement for us. I would never have had the chance to meet some important personalities so I am proud to have been able to do so.

You are inspiration to a lot of people how do you maintain your motivation to keep doing what you do?

My motivation for GUBA is multi-facetted. I am personally motivated by the continuing achievements of our nominees and winners. The GUBA Awards is here to inspire the next generation to aim big and achieve. With such positivity within the British Ghanaian community I’m not sure there is anything more inspirational than to keep doing what I love to do. It’s also a blessing to know that I inspire a lot of people and I hope that continues.

How has your Christian faith affected how you run your business?

I have learnt from my Christian faith that dreams become feasible if you walk with Jehovah and work hard towards it. Like any other journey, running a business has its trials but through faith I am able to persevere because I know that Jehovah will not fail me. I know that Jehovah is with me through all my ventures so I run my business undeterred by any setbacks.

What challenges have you had to overcome running a business and has being a Christian helped in anyway?

Prayer has helped me a lot through some of the challenges I have faced and it has been the key to my success. There have been challenges such as having everything under control, meeting deadlines and managing funds. Knowing that Jehovah is in control always puts me at peace and helps me to push through it.

How do you usually celebrate Ghana independence?

I usually celebrate it at the Ghana High Commission. There are usually commemorative events held there so I attend to celebrate our great nation. I also spend it with friends and family and we look back at Ghana’s progression since independence. This year I will be at the official ceremony for the 56th Independence Day celebration in London.


Do you have any big projects coming up in 2013 we should look out for?

  • The GUBA Foundation Autism Awareness Event, Bernie Grant Hall - 27th April 2013
  • GUBA / NDFP 2013 Job fair - Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel, London – 29th June 2013
  • GUBA 2013 Launch - House of Commons - 5th September 2013
  • GUBA 2013 Awards - Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel, London - 16th November 2013


Check out highlights from the GUBA 2012 Awards Ceremony


Interview by Darren Ola

Words by Grlinmedia


Stay updated with Dentaa and the GUBA Awards

Twitter: @Dentaa_show

Site: www.gubaawards.co.uk



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