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William Adoasi Divine Impact

What goes into a song is really important to William Adoasi. As a Musician and core member of BEFFTA Nominated group Divine Impactpreparation in prayer is key for the artists. The beginning to any of their energetic and uplifting Gospel tracks is signified by fellowship. It would also explain the success behind their impactful work through their Liberty Concert and live performances at churches and events. 

William Adoasi is positive role model and an experienced music leader with a genuine heart for family and doing God's work with integrity. He identified his passion and talent for music at a young age and is always taking the initiative to get better at his craft, by learning new instruments and growing spiritually. After the release of their successful EP The Take Off, William Adoasi is all fired up to make his music go further with ministry and making a recognisable difference in society.  Read on to find out how growing up in the choir can be the launch pad for making moves in areas beyond music...


William Adoasi


When did you discover that music was your calling and what other gifts do you have?
Quite early on, I have always been involved in various choirs and I started playing saxophone as a teenager as well. At the age of 20 it was thrust upon me to be head of the choir in my church and I haven't looked back since.

How did you have to prepare spiritually for Divine Impact?
A lot of prayer and fasting, thankfully most of the members in our team go to the same church and we also are mainly relatives so us meeting together to pray and fast isn't really an issue. It's easy to do such things when first starting out but what we've realised is the importance of consistently growing spiritually together as a unit.

What influenced the style of your music?
We love contemporary Christian music and don't really understand why it's often separated from black gospel music, we love to merge them together also with other influences such as pop and of course going back to our African roots.

What was the journey like producing The Take Off?
It was a lot of hard work and It was a real learning curve, we've taken a lot from producing the CD and it has taught us a lot in terms of mixing, mastering and promoting etc.

Have you ever had to wait on God for something concerning your music and what were the results?
Yeah we wait on God all the time, especially for song ideas. It's so easy to sit down and just write a song but the moment God's in it there's a difference. I remember us fasting and coming together to write 'Holy', I actually came up with the melody on my saxophone and the lyrics just began to flow, that's been one of our most well received songs to date!

How have you developed your craft for music and what advice do you have for young people that want to perform?
I develop my craft all the time, I'm currently learning guitar and I'm always trying to learn new instruments. As a musician it's crucial that you are always bettering yourself and understanding music to a deeper level. I would suggest young people to throw themselves into the deep end, get on stage as often as possible, make mistakes and learn from them.

Divine Impact Music

What do you think about the Ghana style of praise and worship and has this influenced you in anyway?
I love it, we play hi-life every Sunday in church and the energy from this music fuels how we perform in other genres. If you can play hi-life and sing along to the high tempo music you can perform to any other genre. We are actually working with a Ghanaian singer (Cwesi Oteng) and a Ghanaian producer (Kaywa) on a track for the album.

How can the UK Urban Gospel scene grow?
By changing from a scene to an industry, we need more professionalism and integrity, when we take ourselves seriously the rest of the world will. We joke with our artists and events and that's our major issue.

 What does the future hold for Divine Impact?
We're currently working on the album and the next instalment of the 'Liberty Concert'.

Your group has a powerful name what impact do you want to have on the world and especially people that don't know Christ?
We want to expand beyond the borders of music, my girlfriend's passionate about missionary work so we'd love to establish orphanages and truly make a divine impact, we'll continue to use music as a platform but the visions greater than that.


Check out Divine Impact's music Video I Need You


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