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 Arnold Sarfo Kantanka is an Entrepreneur that can literally say he's been there done there and made the T Shirts. He is truly passionate about Me FiRi Ghana, a brand that represents his Ghanaian heritage to the fullest. One thing he's clear to point out is that 'it's not Arnold's but a story that everyone can identify with'. Me FiRi Ghana is an organisation that allows individuals to share personal stories about Ghana and also provide platforms that connect Ghanaians.

With many negative images associated with Africa in the media Me FiRi Ghana sets itself apart as reminder of its positive qualities as a nation whilst inspiring a generation to love Ghana. What began as a clothing line is now an Award Winning company with an innovative charity called the WAM Campaign This initiative enables travellers to Ghana to volunteer whilst on holiday during Christmas timeArnold has a lot of lessons on branding, business and creativity which we can all learn from. Read on to find out how his vision has grown and how he plans to continue reaching great heights.


Me firi Ghana

How did the vision for Me firi Ghana begin?
A vision is like a seed. It manifests over time. According to God's Word this must have always been in me as I feel it's part of my reason for my existence and my purpose. I can honestly say I've tried to leave this. But what God has started no man can finish. The vision first came to me in July 2008 but I didn't manifest the vision into a product until October 2008. Like most of us I sat on the dream/vision. But it was in October that the Holy Spirit clearly told me to "Do it now" so I stopped cooking my spag bowl and began researching to bring the vision to fruition.

Has the original vision you had for it changed and how do you adapt to it evolving?
The original vision changed to be something more focused. It initially was more of a personal vision which is beginning to manifest. The original Vision was: A united African community through unity and culture.  The Me FiRi Ghana vision is To share the love of Ghana. As the Word says, 'write the vision and make it plain. So that those that see it can run with it' Habukuk 2:2.

Why did you decide to establish a company with a strong Ghanaian backbone?
It was merely a vision laid on my heart from God as a British born Ghanaian searching for a means to express my cultural identity. This cultural identity search was not just something I was dealing with but the multitude around the world.  God can sew such a small seed and manifest something bigger than oneself as He has done and continues to.

What are some of the greatest things you've learned along your spiritual and entrepreneurial journey?
The Word is God and reflected life. There are countless examples that I have read in the Bible. Eg. Jonah - I've tried to run away from my calling like Him. Moses -  I've been irritated and reacted in ways that are not suitable for the occasion. Elijah - plenty of times I've been scared to an extent of threats from competition or the amazing opportunities/doors opened for me. The list goes on.

What advice would you give to young people who have an idea but are fearful to step out and start?
What started off as a hooded Me FiRi Ghana jumper led to a clothing line, being supported by the Ghana High Commission, international sales, celebrity endorsements, MTV coming to my house to film me, meeting Sir Richard Branson, Prince Charles and many others and being flown to countries like Ghana, Switzerland and now India. If God gives you a vision regardless of however small you may think it is just be obedient to His Word, trust in faith and move.  I'm still in awe of what God is doing and don't even think we've really pushed things just yet!

Arnold Sarfo Kantanka Me FiRi Ghana


Can you tell us what it takes to make it in business?


1.Faith in God and in your product or service.


2.Communication; The ability to listen to others and build and maintain relationships


3.Leadership;  Something I've come to realize is to accept your mistakes but be willing to learn. Regardless how big your vision may be.

Do you feel like you have had to sacrifice a lot to make your organisation a success?
When God formed Eve, He used Adam's rib right. Sacrifice is a part of life. Jesus was sacrificed for our sake.  I had an opportunity to possibly work for HSBC but chose to work for a charity called working with men for 2 years.  I have the corporate and charity sector experience. But I've left both areas to pursue a calling. I'm using my learnings from there to build Me FiRi Ghana and the WAM Campaign.

What part has God played in Me FiRi Ghana?
God is the reason I live. Literally.  I was in a near fatal car accident in 2006 where first I was pronounced dead at the scene. Then at the hospital given a 50/50 chance of survival. But was walking limp sided within 3 days and discharged within 6 days. I can say quite frankly. God is alive and has worked through my life for sure.

 Anything else you want peeps to know about  Me FiRi Ghana
We are always looking for Ambassadors to be part of our growing street team. We are always open for applicants who wish to volunteer with us to build up their skill set. We are a hub created to bring out the best in Ghanaian youth and Ghana.

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