Joanne Oguntimehin breaks down why every music lover needs to experience J Cooper gig live at the Tabernacle this month...
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The music of JP Cooper defies definition. It is a beautiful blend of soul, gospel, folk and more that is sure to captivate any audience.

Thanks to a collaborative effort between Soul Features and Vocals and Verses, the immensely talented JP Cooper will be taking the stage on Thursday 23rd May at The Tabernacle in London to bless the crowd with his unique sound.


He will be joined by a live band and special guests: Jake IsaacMarie Dahlstrom and Lumi HD who together will provide an unbeatable experience that is not to be missed.

JP Cooper's songs are lyrically and vocally powerful. His raw talent produces honest, heart-felt, good music with an innocence that is missing from mainstream music today. His voice appeals to a very diverse crowd, enabling him to perform in places like folk pubs in his hometown Manchester to Plan B in Brixton. His ability to silence a crowd, simply with his voice and his guitar, is astonishing. They are his weapons of mass destruction, or more appropriately, mass creation.

JP Cooper, Soul Features, Vocals and Verses,

JP Cooper creates such an intense atmosphere when he sings, he takes you away from Earth and guides you to a beautiful land where peace and love rule. This is why his music has become my daily indulgence when I need to escape the many obstacles life throws my way.

One of his most popular tracks 'The Only Reason' has a line that will make any female fall weak at the knees. It reads: 'The only reason God gave me hands was to hold you'. Sit back, close your eyes, plug your headphones in and have a listen for yourself:

Apart from the fact that he has shared the stage with the likes of Paloma Faith, TheNoisettes and Lalah Hathaway, as well as being shortlisted for the BBC's 'Introducing Picks' for 2013, what makes JP Cooper so special is the fact that there is no other artist that sounds like him, he is one of a kind, a rare species if you like. And it's now time for him to take centre stage and share this gift with London.

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