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Aletha Adu explores the career journey of Fashion Designer Emile Carr, guest speaker at Making it BiG in Fashion.
Emile London Emile Carr

Aspiring to be a Fashion Designer or Stylist? What about a careers in journalism or even consultancy? Making it Big in Fashion is the place you could begin your breakthrough into the fashion industry!  Taking place on 7th August 2013 at Google Campus you will get the chance to network with Designers, Journalists, Bloggers and PR Guru's who have made it in the fashion world. It's a great chance to obtain first hand advice on what to do or even study. Founder and senior designer of EMILE LondonEmile Carr will be one of the talented guest speakers delivering expert advice and sharing his experiences at Making it Big in Fashion.

Emile London Fashion2

Graduating from the London College of Fashion in 2006 with a Fashion Design and Marketing degree, he has worked his way up from creating his first high street brand: Bellania which was sold to the likes of Topshop and ASOS. Now he has founded the well established line EMILE, described as “fresh, futuristic and irresistible”. The collection featuring structured dresses and coats made with tartan and cushioned materials bloomed in 2010. Emile is now recognised as designer to watch out for. His unique fashion set eventually led him to work with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry to date such as Alexander McQueen, Mulberry and even Kanye West!

Emile London, Fashion, Making it Big in Fashion

For someone who only started sewing at the age of eighteen, he truly embodies the theme of this event: someone who has made it big in fashion! You can get ahead and have a look at his new collection on: www.love-emile.com. So hang tight and get your early bird tickets on Makingitbiginfashion.eventbrite.co.uk before 24th July 2013.

Whether or not you have fully developed your career plan or actually sat down to think about a possible career in fashion, Making it Big in Fashion will provide you with a varied mix of career advice from all corners of the fashion world.

Do not miss your chance to begin your journey to ‘making it big’ like Emile Carr ! 2013 could be your year!

Get your £5 tickets to Making it BiG in Fashion now here

Eventbrite - Making it BiG in Fashion


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