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Petula Hippolyte reviews Rachel Kerr's Mash up mix of the Legendary Michael Jackson and epic artist Lauryn Hill in this fantastic tribute...

                        Rachel Kerr plays tribute, to the late hugely multi-talented, Michael Jackson dubbed the ‘The king of pop’ who unfortunately died in 2009. This is a good mash-up mix, of which, Ms Kerr is renowned for. This new track with its sound of African Style mantra, keeps your head moving to the beat, as her strong vocals blends well with the funky grooves. The catchy vibe takes you through a transition of edgy tributes smoothly. She cleverly changes her tone, which befits the artists she is celebrating. This is bound to be another hit for the acclaimed singer.

rachelkerrmusic rachelkerrmusic


Ms Kerr has a knack of delivering a song with ease and sophistication. Her sweet vocals are punchy and clearly heard when, punctuating some of the words for emphasis. Rachel pays homage to Lauren Hill, the legendary American singer, formerly from the group, the Fugees in 1990’s, who is also a, rapper, producer, and actress. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, was her first solo album and sold over eight million copies.

Ms Kerr has used an original piece of her own and merged it, to honour the likes of these two highly auspicious King and Queen of music.’ The lost ones and ‘They don’t really care about us’. Ms Kerr is an exciting, dynamic singer. Her sound is edgy and one to keep watching on the music scene. She is a previous Mobo Award Singer and making waves in the UK and in the US. Rachel is well on the way to a number one single soon and this is definitely a good contender as well as another hit for her.

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Words: Petula Hippolyte

Edited: Grlinmedia



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