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Word4Life have organized a fantastic seminar  Let's Get Real covering the different aspects of relationships. On 14th of September at 4pm the relationship session will focus on singlehood, finding your life partner, what to do when you like someone as well as other questions not usually tackled when it comes to relationships. Love nowadays is not easily found but when it is, what steps should be taken to ensure they are in line with God's will? You can get the answer to scenarios like this plus more at the unique seminar.

The modern world and people’s everyday routines can really turn dating into a battlefield. Even to trust someone has become so difficult let a lone spend a lifetime together. Let's Get Real will equip people to plan, make the right decisions and learn how to God proof relationships for long lasting success.

With relationships not being taken as serious as they once were, many people have turned to alternative ways of finding love from searching for soul mates on the web, to intimacy without commitment and conversations being reduced to text messages. Lets Get Real is a programme tailored to  prepare both singles and couples to strive for God-centered relationships.


Word4Life is a non-profit Christian ministry that empowers and support individuals in the UK in building healthy and fulfilling relationships started in the year 2010. World4Life it’s made up of men and women who are faithful members of various local churches. Organized and hosted by Rebecca Emmanuel the ministry welcome also unbelievers who are willing to learn about God centered relationships.

 Word4Life also are encouraging people with any relationship questions to contact them at

So don't miss out join Word4Life and meet new people who share the same vision to create Good, Godly relationships.

Event Details:

Let's Get Real with Terry & Rebecca Emmanuel

Kent Industrial Park

25-27 Ruby Street, Off Old Kent Road

London SE15 1LR

Words: Veona Maximova

Edited: Grlinmedia



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